Splash photography – a true highlight for your home.

Thomas Schaller
You are looking for something unusual, something unique and tasteful to decorate your home and you are grief of all these dull and unimaginative pictures that you can buy everywhere? Then try it with a splash photo of Thomas Schaller. He is a photographer from Basel and specialises in splash photography since 4 years. These pictures are so unique as the artist himself.

What is splash photography?


Photos with splash subjects are pictures of splashing liquids which were frozen photographically. Coffee, coke and many other drinks are set in scene in an extraordinary and fascinating way. To catch such a moment, it needs a specified technology to be developed and to refine. However, Thomas Schaller hasn´t avoided any efforts to present this particular beautiful piece of art in excellent quality to his customers. It´s unique and distinctive. Most liquids can be used for it and result in impressive shoots that you haven´t ever seen before. You´ll be lost in words about this new and spectacular art direction.

What kind of photos are these?

You can get these fantastic pictures on xlsplash.com and order qualitative high-quality prints made in Switzerland. Not only for the kitchen these pieces of art are suitable, in the whole flat you can present them wonderfully and amaze friends and relatives. Transform your flat into an art gallery and impress every visitor with your brilliantly taste of art. Order in the on-line shop the suitable print of your favourite and get an incomparable highlight for your home. Even if you are looking for something for special occasions like Christmas, Easter or anything seasonal (spring, summer,…) , no problem. There is a fitting piece for everybody in the online shop xlsplash.com .


No matter whether your flat is rather classical or mondern furnished, you will find absolutely everything suitable for any style and anyroom. Surprise your darlings every now and then with a lovely piece of art instead of an unimaginative voucher. They will never ever forget this fantastic moment. It´s a wonderful kind of way to express your esteem for a special person in your life. Just try it and see what incredible effect these pictures will have at your friends, relatives and neighbours. And who knows, maybe you´ll get appealed by this inspiring art to commute to an artist soon as well. Try it, you won´t be disappointed.